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Promoting IT Learning in 2019

Promoting IT Learning in 2019

I’ve been to so many user groups that have great attendance yet struggle to get speakers. IT is an industry that has been changing and growing ever since I started. Along with that change, there was always someone willing to share what they knew and help me learn.  I like to teach others because there is no way to go back in time and thank my teachers for the TRS-80 lessons, but I can pay it forward to the future generation of geeks.

Each year, I start with some new personal goals and this year it involves learning more R and teaching people how to get started with data analysis.  I may also loose weight or just buy bigger pants, but I digress.

I just changed jobs and the new company I’m at has a lot of people willing to learn and looking for resources. The previous owners of the company did not invest in training.  For decades, there was not a lot of reinvestment in people because the people were seen as an expense instead of an asset.

It was the classic battle between the CIO and the CFO, as we might imagine their conversation via text on the left.  Now we get to build people up and help them reach their goals. As Zig Zigler would say, “You can get anything you want, as long as you help others get what they want.’

And so begins a new year with SQL Lunch-and-Learns at work, some online training for our team and whatever is within my power to help people reach their goals.

Happy start to 2019. What are your goals?

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