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SQL Saturday 309 Downloads

SQL Saturday 309 Downloads


Downloads for SQL Saturday #309 in Oklahoma City are below. Thank you to all who attended. Thanks also to all the sponsors who help make these great events possible for the tech community.



Business Intelligence Basics: Finding Return on Data

This session will you chart the waters through the sea of Business Intelligence (BI) options. IT departments need tools to turn data into useful information for users. Instead of ROI, this session talks about ‘Return on Data’ for IT Managers. In this session we look at the roles of data warehousing, big data and business intelligence systems. The Microsoft BI stack has evolved from traditional OLAP cubes to include tabular models, PowerBI, integration with HADOOP, reporting tools and full integration with SharePoint.

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Columnstore Indexes: Introduction

ColumnStore indexes were first introduced as xVelocity with SQL 2012 as a way to improve query performance against large data sets by grouping and storing columns of data instead of rows.  With SQL 2014, those ColumnStore indexes become update-able.   In this session, we review the difference in ColumnStore indexes, implementing ColumnStore indexes Clustered and Non-Clustered and monitor performance.

Allen is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with certification in Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance. His IT specialties include database administration, business intelligence and medical imaging services.  He has designed and developed business solutions with the IBM Cognos and Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence platforms since 1999.

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2 thoughts on “SQL Saturday 309 Downloads

  • Hey Allen

    It was great seeing at the conference. I also enjoyed your presentations. For some reason, I’m not able to download the first presentation zip file. I get an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. I was able to download the second files without any problems. Just thought you’d like to know in case others have the same issue. I tried on IE9 and Chrome.

    Anyway, may God continue to bless you and your family. I hope you have great success with your company. My God light a path before you.

    God bless,


    • James,
      Try again now. I updated the PDF Saturday afternoon, but didn’t fix the link. Long day. It’s fixed now.
      Great to see you again. God Bless,

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